Arunachal Pradesh, the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ is situated in the North-Eastern part of India. It is the largest state amongst all the North-Eastern states with a total area of 83,743 Sq. Kms. It stretches from snow capped mountains in the north to the plains of Brahmaputra Valley in Assam in the south. It is a land of lush green forests, deep river valleys and beautiful plateaus. The land is mostly mountainous and lies along the Himalayan range.

The People of Arunachal Pradesh are simple, peace-loving and hospitable with a glorious heritage of art, culture and colourful festivals. The total population of the state as per 2001 census is 10,97,968 and the population density is only 13 persons per Sq. Km.

It has a long international border with Bhutan in the west (160 Km.), China in the north ( 1030 Km.) and Myanmar in the east (440 Km.). It lies between latitude 26o-28’N and 290-30’N and longitude 91o-31’E and 97o-30’E. Nagaland and Assam lie in the south.

The state has the highest forest cover in the country with 82.21% of its area covered with forest (68,847 Sq. Kms). The state is therefore an abode of numerous flora and fauna. The state has a variegated climate with different altitudes. The climate is humid and hot along the foothills bordering Assam and is cold along the international border. Along the international boundary with China, the mountains are high and lofty and are permanently snow-capped even during summer. Therefore, numerous numbers of rivers and rivulets originate from these mountains which are perennial in nature.